Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hind sight...

I was looking back today, approximately 10 years back...ish, and reading the Class of 99 insert for The Buzz at Bonneville High School. It included a senior class will & testament (things we left to the underclassmen), seniorly advice, our addresses (for that correspondence we were sure we would keep up!), and of course a little blurb about what we hoped to accomplish.

Mine read:
"Amanda Love
6613 Orlinda Lane
Plans: Utah State University,
marriage 101...lots of BABIES!"

Awesome. Actually, upon reading this, I think my actual response was, "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Oh, Eighteen-year-old Me! No "loftier" dreams like recording an album or writing a book? Or designing a high-end spring line?! Don't get me wrong, I don't mean to diminish the roll of motherhood. Not at all.

But the things you know now, little girl! *snort!* The phrases you never thought you'd say. Stuff like, "Please don't color on your bed," and "We don't touch Mommy's boobies." And WHO COULD GUESS, at a time when you were into the latest fashion trend and top single on the radio, that one day, you would squeal over the latest...Diaper Genie...II!! (The one you DON'T have to twist so you really can do it one-handed!)

All joking aside, you had your sights set right, Eighteen-year-old Me. Though this job (and it is a job, as you came to find almost immediately) is difficult and challenging--and you constantly find yourself in awe of the fact that your mother, who had eight children, never drowned ONE of you, NOT ONE!--it is by far the most meaningful and rewarding thing you've ever done.

Now, go clean that poop off the floor. :)

(then and now)

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Ann said...

LOVE this picture of you & Elise!